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Yakiniku Shokudo is also known for its service provided, which was friendly and attentive, and the prices were reasonable. Numerous dining options are available at the restaurant, including individual tables, booths, and tatami rooms.

Opening Hours

11:30am – 9:30pm


5 Changi Business Park Central 1, B1-32-33 Changi City Point, Singapore 486038

Grill, Indulge, Repeat

Yakiniku Shokudo is a popular choice for locals and tourists, who can enjoy various options, including high-quality meats, seafood, and vegetables to grill at your table. The restaurant’s menu also features a selection of Japanese appetizers, side dishes, and desserts.

dishes at Orchard Central

Shokudo Set

This set includes a variety of meats, seafood, and vegetables and is an excellent option for those who want to try a little bit of everything.

Full Steak Set

This set features a generous portion of your choice of steak and is perfect for those who love meat.

Corn Butter Scallop

This dish is a delightful combination of corn, butter, and scallops and is a must-try for seafood lovers.
Orchard Central yakiniku shokudo


Savor the Signature Selections

On the menu, some of the most popular items include the Shokudo Set, which consists of a variety of meats, seafood, and vegetables; the Full Steak Set, which features a generous portion of your choice of steak; and the Corn Butter Scallop, which is a delightful combination of corn, butter, and scallops.

Make a Reservation

To make a reservation at Yakiniku Shokudo Orchard Central, you can either call the restaurant or reserve online


Yakinikushokudo’s Unique Delicacies

Yakiniku Bento

Yakiniku Bento
Salted Chicken Bento

Salted Chicken Bento

Yakiniku & Chicken Bento

Yakiniku & Chicken Bento

焼肉食堂 Yakiniku Shokudo Orchard Central

Zelda TatianaZelda Tatiana
01:47 20 Feb 24
Wanted to have a simple lunch after a movie and just hopped in to this place... I realised that I've seen this outlets at many places before but have never tried... So in I went.To be fair, it was around 3pm and the restaurant didn't have many people... As I was alone, I ordered a-la-carte instead of any BBQ set. I understand that this place 'specialised' in BBQ but I just don't have the mood that day.Ordered Beef Curry Rice + Miso Soup + Kimchi (side dish) + drink. The beef curry was actually tasty BUT the presentation was... Errr... Plain. No garnish or any prickles. Then the miso soup was... Errr... No effort. Worse than the instant ones I made at home. Sigh... Everything looked so UN-exciting.There's no 'care' in the food.Disappointing and sad. Will not go again.
Sera ChinSera Chin
11:35 22 Jan 24
Terrible service, have to scan your own menu and order when the internet reception is close to none there. When I told the staff I couldn’t access their menu on the webpage for a long time, and asked if they had wifi or an iPad toOrder from, they said no. After all that, I am charged service charge for them literally doing nothing. And when u asked them for extra bowl or spoon, they ask u take yourself. What a waste of my time and money eating here.
15:19 12 Jan 24
had dinner here and was marred by disappointments. the service was painfully slow, and the food took an unusually long time to arrive. the portion sizes were not commensurate with the prices. to the frustration, the staff was unreasonable about seating, claiming a booked table for a group of 6 when, in reality, two separate groups occupied the corner seats?? this inconsistency left me questioning the honesty of the staff and the overall value of the dining experience. i wouldn't consider revisiting this outlet again.
Harvey FerrerHarvey Ferrer
06:24 12 Jan 24
One of best Yakiniku in Singapore with affordable price. The tender juicy beef steak was my favorite
Hui Ling GohHui Ling Goh
06:56 17 Dec 23
Portion sizes are ridiculously small AND the menu photos are totally deceptive. Food standard is worse than a food court and it’s expensive for what you get.It does not come with standard stuff like lettuce.We ordered an additional 80g of chicken thigh which the menu showed about 14 slices of chicken for $5.90. They served THREE slices and when we asked about it the staff insisted it was correctly weighed without even coming near the table.Staff are no where to be seen most of the time and not helpful not polite or friendly at all.Don’t bother with this chain!
02:24 14 Dec 23
This place is really quite disappointing. No wonder it was so empty during dinner time.There’s different sets to choose from. Chose the full steak set with chicken & beef slices. It was $19.90++Only comes with a thin soup, basically water, salt and a few tiny pieces of wakame seaweed.A tiny portion of kimchi, the slices of chicken is so thin you can see the base of the plate, beef slices are halved and so few also.It’s a total rip off. You also cook it yourself so I don’t understand why the price so high? After cooking the meat also shrunk. So the quantity is very little.Not even includes a salad in the set. Kimchi isn’t a vegetable it’s pickles only.When the table beside me asked for more kimchi, the staff said you must order. They checked the menu it’s over $3 an order. They remarked - so expensive I can buy a whole packet of kimchi.I wasn’t satisfied with my meal, neither were the people seated next to me, I don’t even know them. They also mentioned portion sizes are measly compared to the pricing.The service is very fast but there’s nothing to cook what, just bring the raw food to you.Definitely will not eat here again.
Goh RyanGoh Ryan
12:50 08 Dec 23
Poor service &bad attitude
Xue YuhaiXue Yuhai
12:22 26 Nov 23
I can the reason why the score is so low after visiting it.Food is below average: the beef steak feels like being refrozen multiple times and tastes not good. The miso soup taste is the same as miso soup package you get from supermarket, don’t think it’s freshly prepared. The rice is somewhat okay, while the portion is the smallest you can get in Singapore.Overall, for $30 you can get much better choices in Singapore, not worth a visit here.I can see the reason why the store only 10% occupied, should just avoid.
Elaine C.Elaine C.
13:20 13 Nov 23
Service was good and waiter was attentive and helpful.Food was acceptable, portion and taste wise.
Ana MAna M
06:50 14 Oct 23
Juni M EJuni M E
13:02 05 Oct 23
Pricey for such small amount of beef. One serving was not enough, so had to order more beef. The most disappointing was the $34.9 wagyu ribeye which was only 80g. 5 small pieces, and was still hard as was direct from freezer. When it was served, could still see the frost on it. Tasted hard & dry. When told the waiter about disappointment, he just said that he wanted to wait longer to defrost but was afraid that I couldn't wait. Whoa! Waiter shouldn't have assumed. He should have informed customer about the situation & let customer decide if customer would like to wait or not. Need to improve communication & service, please.
14:07 02 Oct 23
This chain restaurant has an average rating of 3 stars on google review, and the main reason is that the portion sizes are quite small.The food looks pretty vibrant, and the taste is decent. We ordered three servings of meat, and we still didn't feel full. It's completely different from what was advertised in the pictures, starting from $8.9.If you really want to get full, one person would likely have to spend over $80. In that case, you might as well go for a buffet! Maybe this restaurant is meant for extremely petite girls; I doubt even the chubby cat that lives downstairs from my house would NOT get full here!So, after eating at this place, we went to another restaurant! This one offers very low value for the money!
Roan ARoan A
13:05 19 Sep 23
The price of the food is not worth it. It's pricey and the serving is so small. There's also no something special with the taste.
wan yusofwan yusof
09:30 06 Sep 23
A lil bit pricey but overall great experience. Good food 😋
Cynthia AliciaCynthia Alicia
08:24 05 Aug 23
Meat is not marinated. Good quality is really not great. I wouldn’t recommend.
JuliaSue DeBlissJuliaSue DeBliss
04:00 04 Aug 23
We arrived at 11.27am to dine, but it’s not open yet. There’s one staff at the counter, when asked what time the restaurant opens, she yells loudly “11.30!!” We were shocked when we were shouted at. Totally spoilt the mood and decided not to dine there!
Syafiqah I.Syafiqah I.
10:23 27 Jul 23
Went on a Tuesday, around 7.15 pm. A lot of tables were empty. I was waiting for my friend to arrive. Server came to me and told me that the dining limit was 60 minutes. A little uncalled for but other than that, the dining experience was normal.
Matt PMatt P
07:54 09 Jul 23
The meat and service is horrible. It’s not the usual karubi u ate at those yakiniku chain.
Cravis ChangCravis Chang
13:04 13 May 23
Horrible service. The restaurant had No reception or wifi. Hence u can’t scan QR code to order. So we had to order through the waitress. Which didn’t seem friendly the entire time. Didn’t get our order right. Told her that one set meal is missing. She shrug it off and said that they were low in man power. And she needed to clear the tables.