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Yakiniku Shokudo Lot One is a great place to go for a casual and relaxed dining experience. Our restaurant is spacious and has plenty of seating for both small and large groups.

Opening Hours

11:30am – 9:30pm


347 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #02-25, Singapore

Meat, Seafood, and More

Yakiniku Shokudo Lot One is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious and affordable yakiniku meal with friends and family. There is a wide selection of meats and seafood to satisfy everyone’s taste.

dishes at Lot One

Meats and Seafood

We have something for everyone, from wagyu beef to kurobuta pork to jumbo prawns.

Casual and relaxed atmosphere

Our restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends and family.

Friendly & attentive service

Our staff is always happy to help you choose the perfect dishes and drinks

Lot One outlet yakiniku shokudo


Dine in Style, Sizzle in Smiles.

Our Wagyu beef, imported from Japan in Singapore, is perfectly marbled for a tender and juicy steak. Our kurobuta pork is a premium breed of pork that is known for its rich flavor and tenderness. And our seafood is fresh and delicious, including jumbo prawns, salmon, and scallops.

Make a Reservation

To make a reservation at Yakiniku Shokudo Lot One, you can either call the restaurant or reserve online


Yakinikushokudo’s Unique Delicacies

Beef Noodle Soup

Beef Noodle Soup
Tom Yam Beef Noodle Soup

Tom Yam Beef Noodle Soup

Hokkaido Beef Curry Rice

Hokkaido Beef Curry Rice

焼肉食堂 Yakiniku Shokudo Orchard Central

Yakiniku Shokudo
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Jamin Tay Mao LinJamin Tay Mao Lin
11:05 12 Feb 24
Terrible business practices. They are charging an additional 7% surcharge during lunar new year. Other restaurants don't do such things. Money face business.
01:48 09 Feb 24
Robert LimRobert Lim
10:44 06 Feb 24
Cyrus Xu ZhiyiCyrus Xu Zhiyi
05:21 27 Jan 24
Overpriced food for tiny portions.
Dielle YeoDielle Yeo
13:23 24 Jan 24
The food portion is smaller than any other yakiniku outlet i have went to, the cut is bad too and the meat taste blend… food keeps sticking to the grill too which dont happen every other time i ate at yakiniku. Service is mid… i understand that food server is not easy but dk why im paying for service charge, just ignore when we call for help and take our plates without even asking… plus we cook our own meat
Nata LeeNata Lee
05:45 20 Jan 24
don’t really have anything nice to say about this place. food is just ok, nothing out of the ordinary. noodles are nothing special too. saw other reviews that the curry rice is quite bad so at least i saved some money not ordering that 😂portions are too small, you will leave feeling unsatisfied unless you order more than one set lol. fyi i ordered the shokudo set (FULL steak). it was $25.90 excluding service charge + GST. ended up being $31+.and service? HAH u think there’s service? staff do the bare minimum of just serving the food to you. didnt inform me that noodles could not be ordered through the phone, had to assume that it was unavailable. only when i asked then i realised it was available. the thing is all this should have been told to us the moment we sat down.so, eh… meh… thats how i would sum up my experience eating here. if you’re reading this, eat somewhere else that is worth your money.
Jasmine SooJasmine Soo
14:44 17 Jan 24
The staff always insists to clear the plates even when we are eating halfway and there is no queue outside the shop. Very rude and disturbing. The elderly lady staff will insist to clear half the plates eaten even when there is no queue outside the shop? Twice this happen to me and I always need to mention that I am still eating and she still said she clear half of the plates ? Even when people still eating she will ask us to take up our rice bowl from the tray and remove the whole tray?This is so disturbing and invasion of privacy. She just appear near you and ask to remove your tray with your rice bowl still on it. Still ask you to lift up your bowl for her to remove the trays.I can understand if it is a crowd and long queue outside but no, the shop was half empty.What is the hurry to chase the customers out when there is no queue and the shop is half empty? Is it the KPI ?A lot of the customers there are affected by her awkward mannerisms….. makes the dining experience awful. This same type of incident happen to my friend too. Other outlets don’t have this problem.They should go for service training if they are in the service line.
shirley leeshirley lee
12:17 12 Jan 24
Really x. Spend more than $60 for 2 pax and still feeling hungry. We thought $2.90 otak will be a big one but end up it’s those $0.50 one. The $6 chicken is the bigger portion fyi and only a few piece. Beef is too fatty too.
Felicia LimFelicia Lim
06:01 10 Jan 24
Order using app, basic service. Karubi set pretty decent (pictured is 200g / 2 tier) for $14.90 before gst and service charge
isaac johaanisaac johaan
01:06 10 Jan 24
Mohd Izkhar RahimMohd Izkhar Rahim
08:13 09 Jan 24
Alex AngAlex Ang
17:05 06 Jan 24
Ramli MohdRamli Mohd
15:29 23 Dec 23
iskandar abdullahiskandar abdullah
11:14 23 Dec 23
inin adaminin adam
08:31 10 Dec 23
Food was nice. Service staff were not welcoming. Was standing at the front for few minutes with no q and staffs simply look and walk off without service. When ordering, they were very slow
Sebastian ChiaSebastian Chia
04:56 09 Dec 23
I bought an angus steak which was not sliced properly to be grilled. When I requested for it to be sliced properly, the staff brought me a scissors instead to cut it myself.The food was mediocre and not seasoned properly & overall service staff was rude.Definately will not dine here again
Jesse LimJesse Lim
08:38 26 Nov 23
The filipino female manager fired me for apparently "fainting" during work. This shows that she is a person with no compassion. That time I really needed the money and yet she still fire me for doing nothing wrong. I fainted only, not like I fight with customer. She is not fit to be a manager. She should really go back to phillipines and be a stripper instead. What an idiot.
09:54 23 Nov 23
Sanjeev VSanjeev V
08:19 18 Nov 23
mavis limmavis lim
06:25 18 Nov 23
Service at this outlet is terrible especially the staff called SITI. A male staff served the food in a very rude manner.This outlet is highly not recommended to be visited.
Alvin LiAlvin Li
16:21 13 Nov 23
I had dined here more than a few times already. Time to finally write a review piece. It's a simple one, here goes.JFH group, halal yakiniku, amaZING karubi, just go for the normal one, and upsize it, you wouldn't regret it that decision. Normal karubi, not the premium one. You can try, by ordering the duo karubi set.Skip the wagyu (don't expect it to be anywhere close to Miyazaki, the most common wagyu available here). You will bound to compare with the other two yakiniku express concepts that ends with words that sound like 'gold' and 'light'.I just had the Angus steak (available in November 2023) and it was much much better.All set meals come with your choice of meat, rice (can top up $2 to become curry rice during this period, comes in a bigger bowl, doused with curry with beef pieces), soup, kimchi and two dipping sauce.
Hanz DragonzHanz Dragonz
10:10 01 Nov 23
Tok KiatTok Kiat
09:31 01 Nov 23
Service is very fast, my ribeye steak came to my table after I ordered a few minutes ago, Tom yam beef soup noodle is flavourful
Mei Ling LohMei Ling Loh
14:14 30 Oct 23
Loh Mei LingLoh Mei Ling
14:02 30 Oct 23
Mohamad HairiMohamad Hairi
02:22 29 Oct 23
06:00 17 Oct 23
Vince YeoVince Yeo
05:10 06 Oct 23
Some items on the menu not available and also no more cheap drinking water... Food quality is good.
Alvin YeohAlvin Yeoh
12:12 03 Oct 23
Edward LeeEdward Lee
11:36 27 Sep 23
It’s definitely not Japanese curry
mohamed usmanmohamed usman
09:32 07 Sep 23
Rikki ChaiRikki Chai
15:31 06 Sep 23
Dirty. The seats was splatted with oil and stains when we first shown to our seats.Ordered Hokkaido Beef Curry Rice, goodness I got the shock of my life! The "curry" was so watery it looks like oil. The meat was very hard and full of fats. We had 2 mouths and didn't touch it anymore.Also ordered the Beef Karubi Set, and the meat was full of fats as well. Making the grill fire easily over flamed, thus making the meat very easily burnt. (I am only using fire level 1 or 2 FYI) Is either you had raw meat or over burnt meat. (The only good point that happened in the dining venue is that the staff brings over ices for us to "smoother" the fire.)It was one of the worse dining experiences I ever had for a long while. It leave me and my family a very bad after taste. Will not visit again, sorry.P.S. Sorry no photos as evidences because the meal totally turns me off to even want to snap any pic!
Fatin SyahindahFatin Syahindah
02:35 04 Sep 23
1st time try and will not come again expensive and little potions
Felani YapFelani Yap
12:03 03 Sep 23
This is the third wire they replace for me as the fire keep burning my meat and the staff are not helpful at all. Will never come back
Amir SAmir S
12:48 31 Aug 23
First time at this outlet and portion is bigger than other outlets. Service was quick. Tomyum noodles nice but not the usual thai taste. Beef karubi is the way to go~
06:18 10 Aug 23
Regretted ordering the beef curry rice. The beef is just fats , nothing but just fats.Please order the standard bbq beef. The beef is good for the little price paid. If increase price, then not worth it.
14:56 23 May 23
The meat is just mediocre, i’m not really a fan of the condiments too ): Grill catches fire too easily and it was really stressful dining here.Though I have to commend their staff for professionalism when grill catches fire and some customers are inexperienced dealing with such incidents.Food standard can be better, including the Kimchi which has a weird bitter taste.. probably would not come back again.
Paul YoungPaul Young
05:12 05 Mar 23
The Aircon here is cold.... Haha. Good range of meats. I ordered a premium karubi and a yakiniku set with full steak. When ordering the normal karubi, it can be quite fatty. So easy to be burnt. Need to learn how to switch on. But the rest - cooking is straightforward. Fun place for a meal.
Ken Lim Weng WaiKen Lim Weng Wai
13:45 23 Jul 22
Very slow service, we order a grill set and a beef Don. The beef Don take about 45min to arrive as for the food above average. Wouldn't go back