Yakiniku shokudo


Yakiniku Shokudo IMM is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious and affordable yakiniku meal with friends and family in the western part of Singapore. There is a diverse selection of meats and seafood to cater to all tastes.

Opening Hours

11:30am – 9:30pm


2 Jurong East Street 21, #02-53 IMM, Singapore 609601

Local Charm, Global Flavors.

Yakiniku Shokudo IMM is excellent for a casual and relaxed dining experience. Our restaurant is spacious and has plenty of seating for small and large groups.

dishes at Orchard Central

Miso Shinoyaki

Our miso shinoyaki is a unique and delicious dish sure to please even the most discerning palate.


Our negimaki is another unique and delicious dish perfect for a side dish or appetizer.

Yakiniku Pizza

Our yakiniku pizza is a fun and unique dish for sharing. It has a crispy pizza crust topped with grilled meat, seafood, and vegetables.
IMM outlet yakiniku shokudo


Delight in Japanese Cuisine

Our Wagyu beef is imported from Japan and expertly marbled, ensuring a juicy and tender steak. Our kurobuta pork is a premium breed of pork that is known for its rich flavour and tenderness. And our seafood is fresh and delicious, including jumbo prawns, salmon, and scallops.

Make a Reservation

To make a reservation at Yakiniku Shokudo Orchard Central, you can either call the restaurant or reserve online


Yakinikushokudo’s Unique Delicacies

Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice

Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice
Fried Prawn Curry Rice

Fried Prawn Curry Rice

Beef Pulgogi Don

Beef Pulgogi Don

焼肉食堂 Yakiniku Shokudo Orchard Central

Yakiniku shokudo IMM
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GuoZhi CUIGuoZhi CUI
06:53 07 Feb 24
The meat is fresh and tender, the dipping sauce is delicious, and the service is warm and thoughtful
06:50 07 Feb 24
Kidung Madah GustiKidung Madah Gusti
23:55 31 Jan 24
Kenny LimKenny Lim
05:40 30 Dec 23
Totally disappointing dining experience! We ordered the beef bulgolgi stew and it was totally not up to expectations!Out of the pot, HALF of it was bean sprouts. The rest are cabbages and some small slices of meat.How do you expect anyone to be full from eating this??And it costs more than other items in the menu and was one of the more expensive ones.In the end we had to take the rice from another set to make this meal ‘more filling’.Very terrible experience and definitely won’t come back again! Felt like a scam!
Ament ForemanAment Foreman
12:59 26 Dec 23
The staffs’ rude attitude took away my appetite before the food came. It’s really bad here.
Raf TalRaf Tal
12:45 26 Dec 23
Rude kitchen staff. Ordered additional kimchi; just throw it on the table as though i owe him a living.
n fn f
15:23 25 Dec 23
Just want to say thanks to Haliza for assisting me and my questions. One of the good waitress, the food wasn’t bad but her service was great makes it 9/10!
Ken Le hoangKen Le hoang
07:53 23 Dec 23
Beth HanBeth Han
00:54 20 Dec 23
The male staff is very rude. Asked him where is my order for extra white rice n he says " u just have to wait". Very attitude problem. But food is good. fd portion is reasonable for the price
Kai FaisalKai Faisal
10:05 01 Dec 23
We were the first few customer during the soft launch in IMM and everything was so good but can’t say the same now.We were attended by the male tanned manager who “threw” the QR code on the table? But okay nvm maybe fella having a bad day, we ordered and waited for 20 minutes with no food being served. So I went up to him and guess what this guy said? “Oh, I print wrong QR code.”We got pissed and wanted to end the day with their pudding. We ordered through another lady staff with the highway eyebrows who clicked her tongue at us when I asked for a pudding.Heck, the kitchen staff CAME TO US and apologise saying that their managers are not in a good mood today. Absolutely baffling. I rarely write bad reviews but wah the service damn hancur already. 😂
chin kay simchin kay sim
11:08 25 Nov 23
Overall experience is good.
04:17 24 Nov 23
it’s yakiniku time!has tried the beef karubi set (full size) not bad for the price!
15:02 15 Nov 23
been real eager to try out this particular food eatery after hearing its' halal certification release and would simply rate it a good 9.8/10. top-notch customer service from staffs that was assisting us on 14/11 (dinner slot) as we were both provided with lots of guidance from them. we both ordered their chef's recommended: shokudo full set ($25.90) was real amazed with the portion size. had to order a couple of ala-carte portion since we've skipped lunch but overall a good starter for an Halal yakiniku experience in Singapore.
Alan hewAlan hew
05:56 23 Oct 23
S.K. TanS.K. Tan
13:32 22 Oct 23
Rude waiter. Better yakiniku restaurant, eg. the one at Jem is much better. No need to waste time and money here.
01:32 22 Oct 23
honestly this outlet is the worse among all the other yakiniku. service was just bad, stood outside waiting for a table for quite some time. chinese lady waitress told to wait until she cleared the table for us to sit on that specific table when there’s still so many tables left empty. for the portion, it didn’t match like the other outlets i’ve been too. it should be the same portion if you’re selling it my g/kg isn’t it? and its way more thinner then the outlets. its not even worth to spend your money here. food and service is equally bad.
Fruit LoopsFruit Loops
13:02 19 Oct 23
Imagine planning a surprise birthday party and it being ruined just when you enter the restaurant because a waitress decides to announce about a cake.Birthday person found out, whole surprise ruined.At least dont ruin the surprise when you dont let customers celebrate and eat cake at your restuarant
Jaden :DJaden 😀
10:45 14 Oct 23
Service was really horrendous. The attitude of one of the waitresses was HORRENDOUS. When i queued up at the front( i was alone bcse i was waiting for my friends ) the waitress sent me to the back and forced me to wait at thr back of the queue like??
Steven stevenSteven steven
10:56 12 Oct 23
Food wise portion too little & meat too thin. If you are looking to fill your stomach then forget this else prepare to fork out more. Overall, food is acceptable cos you are in charge of your own grilled.
Su V.Su V.
13:39 02 Oct 23
Would like to highlight Hafiza, excellent service was provided as she took special attention with our 2 year old. Patient and serving with a smile.. She kept replacing our spoon when our little one dropped it a couple of times.She even served drinks and hot soup away from our little one which is attention to detail! Definitely recommending this restaurant.
Allie LAllie L
14:47 27 Sep 23
Visited in a group of 3. There were few 4 seaters tables that were vacant which were located by the side of the restaurant. Service staff (female) brought us to a 6 seater table & told us to only seat at specific area. Requested if able to seat us at one of the 4 seater instead, service staff rejected us reason being it is DIFFICULT FOR THEM TO CLEAN THE TABLES/AREA THAT WAS INSIDE.Food: Ordered Sambal Chicken Set (80gm) which was just 4-5 pieces strip of meat. 🫠
Tom LanTom Lan
11:37 17 Sep 23
The food size is extremely low. The bead does not look fresh. Not worth the price at all.
Real AccountReal Account
11:15 17 Sep 23
Terrible service, low quality meat
Tracy PhamTracy Pham
11:56 09 Sep 23
Actual portion is smaller, missing egg & very unappetizing. Service needs huge improvement. My first and last dining here.
Food is good, good quality meat and the drink are just too over price indeed.
Kdh BtstaKdh Btsta
02:04 06 Sep 23
Sab RinaSab Rina
13:32 27 Aug 23
Rude staff.
Felix KerFelix Ker
11:08 27 Aug 23
Can’t complain about this place. It’s halal and serves great food. Drinks are a bit over priced but that’s to compensate for the cheaper meats. Fair right!Sauces are good (quote my 7 year old).Improvement: wish they let us choose between kimchi and salad for sets.
Eric WongEric Wong
05:48 08 Jun 23
Visited on 8 Jun 2023 for lunch with colleagues. I ordered the beef curry with chicken cutlet rice. It was tasty but a bit too salty. Colleagues ordered the raw beef so they can cook it themselves
Jennifer NgJennifer Ng
00:38 02 May 23
Great food! The meat doesnt taste frozen and the mushroom was good (as recommended by others here). Had both chicken and beef set and I enjoyed both!Was feeling stressed about the 60min dining though it was only 6pm and not crowded yet when I went in. They didnt chase us (or anyone) out but more of a pyschological stress on my end seeing the signs clearly pasted everywhere understandably.
Charmian PangCharmian Pang
08:16 30 Apr 23
got the karubi and chicken set. karubi cut was too thick and thus chewier compared to other yakiniku places. sauces were limited (only 2, and they weren't that nice either) and there was no option to upsize rice for free. you'll have a better experience yakiniku go and yakiniku like which has a similar or even cheaper price point. very subpar experience.
Zulhairie Bin HermanziZulhairie Bin Hermanzi
21:44 24 Mar 23
Good service. Ordered the karubi sambal set and WOW it was awesome. The beef was tender and juicy with a good amount of marbling/fat. Thoroughly enjoyed the sambal which had a KICK to it!Of course, not the best cuts or highest quality beef but for this price, its alright!Overall, from pricing to food quality, you will not be disappointed. 10/10!
Nur QuraishaNur Quraisha
13:24 19 Feb 23
Price is overprice and also the meat was too much fats than meat. I understand that they cannot choose the beef given to them but they can atleast give out evenly…and so ridiculous to refill soup you have to pay $2…. This shop is honestly ridiculous.