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Funan Mall

Yakiniku Shokudo Funan is an excellent place for a casual and relaxed dining experience. Our restaurant is spacious and has plenty of seating for small and large groups.

Opening Hours

11:30am – 9:30pm


107 North Bridge Rd, #B2-25 Funan, Singapore 179105

The Taste of Japan, Now Closer Than Ever.

Our wagyu beef from Japan is marbled to perfection, resulting in a tender, juicy steak. Our kurobuta pork is a premium breed of pork that is known for its rich flavor and tenderness. And our seafood is fresh and delicious, including jumbo prawns, salmon, and scallops.

Funan dish

Jumbo Prawns

Our fresh and delicious jumbo prawns are ideal for yakiniku. Grill them to perfection and enjoy the sweet and juicy meat.

Salmon Sashimi

Our salmon sashimi is made with fresh, high-quality salmon. It is the perfect appetizer or side dish for your yakiniku meal.

Japanese Rice

Our Japanese rice perfectly accompanies your yakiniku meal. It is cooked to perfection and is slightly sticky, making it easy to pick up with chopsticks.
Funan yakiniku shokudo


Gather ’round for Good Times and Great Food

On the menu, some of the most popular items include the Shokudo Set, which consists of a variety of meats, seafood, and vegetables; the Full Steak Set, which features a generous portion of your choice of steak; and the Corn Butter Scallop, which is a delightful combination of corn, butter, and scallops.

Make a Reservation

To make a reservation at Yakiniku Shokudo Orchard Central, you can either call the restaurant or reserve online


Yakinikushokudo’s Unique Delicacies

Spicy Miso Chicken Don

Spicy Miso Chicken Don
Beef Noodle Soup

Beef Noodle Soup

Yakiniku Bento

Yakiniku Bento

焼肉食堂 Yakiniku Shokudo Orchard Central

Yakiniku Shokudo
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Tiffany KohTiffany Koh
14:55 07 Feb 24
Halal yakiniku so you can only find beef and chicken here. I still give them high rating because:1. The sauce was good, very flavourful2. They have sambal!!! Legit, spicy sambal. Well, you know sambal goes well with anything and everything, especially meat3. I like variety and they offer upgrade to Japanese curry rice with $2 top up4. Not too crowded though we went there before 12.30pm or so and the ventilation was alright. I don't smell yakiniku on me after my lunch
Ordered the beef steak and beef karubi to try. The menu doesn’t indicate what’s the weight of the meat, it will only be reflected on the receipt. Wide selection of selections, compared to other Yakiniku restaurants, but find it abit pricey. Like Otah, Marsh mallow, marsh mallow at $4.90 for 2 sticks. I feel the food not as tastily marinated.We ordered the chicken hot stone as well, thought that’s the nicest thing 😛
Claudia LinClaudia Lin
10:41 30 Dec 23
The beef noodle is absolutely horrendous. The soup is literally water that's blanched with beef. No seasoning at all. Please take pride in your food.
02:56 19 Dec 23
Food was underwhelming, not worth the price at all. Service was poor, as if they didn’t even want to be there. There was no service standard at all, no greeting whatsoever. The place around my table against the wall was dusty and dirty (rice grains left behind). Staff had a bad attitude overall.Moreover, they do not provide receipts even when requested, something about their management changing the system just today. One check on the IRAS website and you’ll know that’s pretty much illegal lol
Desmond GotchaDesmond Gotcha
06:54 18 Dec 23
Absolutely atrocious. When we asked for receipt, we were denied. And we have already raised this to IRAS, the regulations that we found out is that we are entitled to get the receipts when we request and this applies to all business and F&B establishments. However, we were denied despite the fact they have a proper cashier system, and according to them, it is their new system by their management and tech in place that they DO NOT GIVE and NO LONGER GIVE OUT receipts.Food was average. Any other yakiniku would taste the same or better at the same price. Unfortunately for me, I used to frequent there, and fortunately now, no longer will I and many of the peers and friends we have.All the best. We have written in to IRAS
Cyrus ChungCyrus Chung
06:42 18 Dec 23
I recently visited Yakiniku Shokudo at Funan, and unfortunately, my experience fell short of expectations. I believe it's important to share my concerns in the hope that improvements can be made.Hygiene Concerns:During my visit, there were flies in the restaurant, and one even landed in my soup. Despite bringing it to the server's attention, there was no acknowledgment or apology. The response was to simply take away the soup without addressing the issue.Cleanliness Issues:The seating area was not as clean as one would expect. Despite being a group of five, we were seated at a four-person table. Additionally, the floor around our seating area was visibly dirty, impacting the overall dining experience.Lack of Customer Service:I was disappointed by the lack of responsiveness and professionalism from the staff. Simple requests for sauce or information were met with indifference, leaving a negative impression on the overall service quality.Receipt Denial:During payment, we requested a receipt and were informed that the IT department had decided not to issue receipts to customers. This response was unexpected and left us feeling dismissed.I hope this review serves as constructive feedback for the management. I am currently exploring additional channels to address the hygiene concerns. I appreciate your attention to these matters.
Saifulhamzi Bin SallehSaifulhamzi Bin Salleh
04:23 28 Nov 23
Please train your staff to troubleshoot your POS system and its peripherals, and not to take matters into their own hands. Wanted to make payment so she asked if we’re a member, told her yes but the numpad keyboard did not work. Being an idiot, she just stood there wondering why it wasn’t working. Did not even ask a fellow colleague or superior to assist, instead conveniently skipped the membership discount and proceed with payment. Very unprofessional
WD SonjaIncWD SonjaInc
16:48 26 Nov 23
The beef quality was very marbling and good, the sauces were also quite flavorful.
smintza chaismintza chai
17:07 01 Nov 23
The meat is soft and delicious.
14:30 01 Nov 23
Kyoko TKyoko T
13:42 30 Oct 23
The meat there was way below average. The service also I had bad experience as the person was very rude.
03:43 23 Oct 23
I’m a native Japanese and I have visited many yakiniku restaurants in Japan and Singapore over tens of years. This one is one of the worst. It’s over priced and meat quality is well below average. Beef tongue tasted weird. Sirloin steak is chewy like a piece of rubber. Karubi is super thin cut that you can’t enjoy the texture. Curry is too oily. On top of all those, the service is slow, and every staff’s face look blank and some are just rude. Finished the dinner early and went to McDonalds, which gives much better ROI than this place.I see other reviews with 5 stars, but most of the reviewers’ past reviews are on other branches of Yakiniku Shokudo. I guess they fell in love with this place that they had to visit all other branches.
09:48 13 Oct 23
Totally a scam, bad service and bad food. Worst Japanese food I have ever taste. I added a pudding, and was not served, not notified at all. The food served taste like fast food package but with much lesser amount and worse taste.
09:46 13 Oct 23
Manager has very bad attitude, the food tastes very bad as well
Colin ChanColin Chan
15:19 09 Oct 23
Admittedly I've never actually had their yakiniku, but lord the curry rice is the worst I've ever had - squished rice that looked like it came out of a microwave sachet, barely warmed up, spooned over with a thin gruel of over-salted curry water with perhaps a few microscopic granules of beef floating within. If this is the standard they offer for their rice, I have very low expectations of their other fare.
May FlowerMay Flower
09:27 01 Oct 23
Wanted a cosy dinner with my family of 4 but it rapidly went down hill. Saw the restaurant and went in, we ordered $180 worth of meat and just started grilling. My daughter who has ADHD wanted to eat fries and since there was no such item there I went to buy a small order of fries from McDonalds for her. Came back to let her eat it while grilling had just begun. My wife and daughter were immediately told rudely to leave the premises by Janet. Told her if that’s the case then we’ll all leave. We were charged full price for food we had barely eaten. Thanks for the great service. Hope people boycott this place. Many better eateries at much better service for dinner at $180. And they come with a smile too.
8aug lunch set yakiniku, started off well and it rapidly went downhill. All grill tables started malfunctioning and we were not informed, only to find out when the meats stopped cooking, Looked around and realise some customers were informed some were not. But new customers were still being seated and raw meats still being served w/o informing them.We requested for the balance raw/half-cooked beef to be cooked by their kitchen, my friend's portion was returned first and it was overcooked /burnt and very oily. Mine was served much later despite being sent in together. It was same overcooked/burnt/oily, after I exclaimed how burnt/overcooked it was the service staff only moved away quietly. But he returned with a replacement which was still overcooked/burnt/oily (encl photo). Why would yakiniku meats be fried with so much oil and be so overcooked? To mask the taste and to prevent any possible food-poisoning accusations as meats were left half-cooked for awhile?Needless to say we did not finish the food as it was that bad.The staff did not really do any service recovery by offering any incentive/discount, we paid the lunch in full and vowed to never return.
Sanusi KhalidSanusi Khalid
08:55 29 Aug 23
Portions of meat for barbecue very small for the price
Joanna Wong YJJoanna Wong YJ
08:43 27 Aug 23
Eng-Joo GayEng-Joo Gay
11:14 08 Aug 23
I ordered the hot bowl and it was quite satisfying. I considered it good value for money. Did not order the yakiniku as the quality of the meat looks to be just average but for the price point, I think it is fine.
Jennifer YeoJennifer Yeo
04:57 22 Jul 23
We went for a single portion (100g) set and added on one more cut of other meat, as well as sides like corn and salad. Found it filling, even though I usually order double portions of meat at similar concepts.I preferred the premium karubi and would recommend that. Just that it comes only in 80g set and you will need to order more. Not a fan of the cabbage, very raw and hard. The corn on the other hand, was a hot favourite.
03:48 22 Jun 23
The food was good. The only downside is the flames. The flames are big even though it was on low grill, prob due to lack of ventilation. So please be careful.The prices are slightly on the higher side for mediocre quality
Hidayat EsaHidayat Esa
17:17 27 Apr 23
Personal opinion: the food price quite ex for the quantity amount. If you can afford, it shouldn't be a problem for you. This was on 21 Apr 2023 during my fasting month. Their service is okay. Overall they will react fast. The food quality is good but for me was the quantity issue.
Aliah BagaribAliah Bagarib
16:51 05 Mar 23
Had the Shokudo half steak set.Quality of the meats not great, but the taste and seasoning/sauce are fine. Price is kinda expensive for such portions and quality.This is a one time visit for me. Can find better yakiniku elsewhere.